Loris Maregrande aka The Wall, is a professional bodybuilder and athlete supported by B-Nergetics
He has started fitness workout at 7 years old with a strong passion for the Golden Age of bodybuilding and the stars that made bodybuilding what it is nowadays: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Bob Paris and more.
At 11 years old, he is already aiming to take part in bodybuilding competitions.
He scores a first place in his first competition in France in April 2015.
4 weeks later he is again on the podium with a 3rd position in Junior Swiss Championships, on May 21st 2015.
End of 2016, he is proposed to represent his native country Italy in the 2017 championships, Italy being one of the best performing countries in this sport.
From that moment on, he will put his all energy in winning and performing at the highest level as a pro-athlete.

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Loris Maregrande aka The Wall



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