What clients have to say about B-Nergetics L-Arginine supplement

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Here is what Clients have to say about  B-Nergetics L-Arginine supplement :

MOST POTENT Muscle Mass FormulaThe L- Arginine by B-nergetics has become a regular item in my regiment..

L-Arginine is part of the essential Amino Acid family as well as most of the other stuff I mentioned that I am taking above. studies show there are lots of benefits of take to taking it including regulating blood pressure, recovering from wounds/surgery, increased blood flow (erectile dysfunction), help with clogged arteries, kidney health, inflammation of the digestive tract…it has lots and lots of health benefits.

I take DLPA 1000mg energy/mood, 5HTP 100mg mood , L-Tyrosine for pick me ups-energy, Tryptophan for my anxiety, L-Theanine for stress and settle off any jitterness… fish oil, calcium, potassium, magnesium.amazon L-Arginine supplement

Recently started the the protein powder by B-nergetics (Chocolate) 5grams of BCAA per scoop- it is one of the better Protein powders that I have tried with a a fairly complete formula, and taste like chocolate cake. You should only take one protein shake a day, all other protein should come from Meat, eggs, beans, almonds.. check out the books ” the mood cure”, and “the diet cure”

I feel that I have a more complete regiment that keeps me from getting sick, and helps me through my day. I do moderate exercise at the park , walking, jogging, martial arts. I am happy with the known benefits of it.

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